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Best Accordion Players in New York City

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Papa Bavarian is New York City's preeminent accordion entertainer who has graced the stage at iconic Carnegie Hall on piano, appeared in the Wall Street Journal, and is soon to be seen in a major HBO mini-series due out Spring 2020 (contact for details).

By combining theatrical live music with a hospitality approach to customer relations, we make it very easy to plan your event and find you the right music professional who looks and plays the part.

Our musical offerings are unmatched in and around the NYC area, and our costumes and snazzy getups pair very well with themes like Oktoberfest, Beer Festivals, Italian Night, Jazz Cocktail Hour and Acoustic Unplugged.

Learn more about what we do by visiting the About page, which will provide a gateway to our many recently filmed live videos and sound clips.

But for best results, we suggest you hear us live and in person!

We're looking forward to hearing about your plans, email or callanytime.


Papa Bavarian

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Smitty's Polka Band

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